What is Farm Locals?

The best food is what’s grown closest to you. The more local the food, the fresher it is and the better it’s going to be. Produce that’s been shipped from halfway around the world may be two weeks old by the time it gets to your table.

Farm Locals is a community market that provides Las Vegas locals a place to shop for peak of the season fruits and vegetables, local cuisine, natural foods, and creative meal options. We partner with hundreds of farmers across the state and region to promote locally-based agriculture through education and community outreach – creating a ripple that touches our community in big and small ways - in homes and in the field.

At Farm Locals, our fresh and natural goods are sold directly to you by the farmers that produced them on their local farms. Farm Locals is all about our connection to the community. You and your family are encouraged to meet, get to know, and even visit any and all of our participating local farmers.

We also partner with local experts and other “foodies” to promote a healthy lifestyle. Members and patrons are invited to watch as chefs present quick, easy popular and unique culinary delights and meal demonstrations. Just another way that Farm Locals is giving back to the local community.

Our Mission

Farm Locals is very committed to the Las Vegas food community and to fostering the values of the local community. We envision Farm Locals as a vibrant group of local farmers, food producers, and independently owned and operated food businesses and the customers that they serve. We are creating a community of like-minded people that will:

  • Showcase regional farmers, ranchers and other food producers.
  • Work with small regional producers who develop personal relationships with their customers.
  • Promote the Las Vegas area’s ethnic diversity.
  • Serve and an incubator for farmers, ranchers and artisan producers who are returning to sustainable methods of agriculture and production.
  • Operate as a community gathering-place for the celebration of local culture and cuisine.

The Farm Locals mission is to strengthen the future of a healthy local food system by providing small local farmers and other food producers with concrete services that support and advance their economic vitality and promote stewardship of the land. Our goal is to increase the amount of consistent fresh, safe, locally grown food available to our community.


Amid increasing concerns about safety and sustainability, we have created Farm Locals in order to bring Las Vegas consumers a fresh, local food source – a healthier alternative that benefits your family’s health, the environment and the local economy. And surprisingly, at a cost that can cost less than food purchased at the supermarket.

Farm Locals is the perfect union of the traditional food hub structure from farmers’ markets and the latest technologies. Members view current inventories and prices of each food producer online. Once your purchasing decision is made, you can:

  • Order online
  • Pay online

Your orders are then available to be picked up at any of our three conveniently and strategically located distribution hubs.

The Farm Locals food hubs are designed to gather and distribute your order in a manner that is familiar and friendly and that allows you to meet and personally get to know your farmers, ranchers and other food producers.

Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing where and how and your family’s food is produced. And who produced it.

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Farmers, Ranchers & Other Food Producers

You know how to make food. Farm Locals knows know how to make market share. We’re going to promote you and the fruits of your labors. You do what you do best: provide your region with a fresh, sustainable food supply. We do what we do best: promote you and the fruits of your labors. You focus on production. Farm Locals will focus on promotion.

You spend less time managing your market and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks. You can stop re-inventing the wheel each new season. We find and keep track of your customers, streamline payment, and keep track of customers with less effort.

  • Identify new customers that were previously un-reachable
  • Keep track of every market day
  • Know who your customers are and where they are.
  • Handle all accounting. Keeping track of who’s paid!
  • Keep customers informed about product that is available
  • Make sure customers always have accurate information about upcoming product availability

Sound interesting? Sign up and a real person from Farm Locals will contact you with more information.